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3 new rumours June 29, 2009

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There are 3 new transfer rumours that surfaced since my last post, which I will cover today one by one.

Franck Ribery – One of the most exciting players at the last World Cup (2006), the pint-sized dribbling expert has been linked with Arsenal even before the World Cup that propelled him to international stardom.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that Franck Ribery was one of many players that he had missed out on buying, one of many that have caused him many regrets for not bringing to Arsenal.

Ribery is known for his expertise in creating space for himself, close ball control, pace and directness to goal. Indeed, his style of play will suit Arsenal. The question now is, how real is this transfer rumour? Let us take it down piece by piece:

1) Arsene Wenger has never spent more than 20 million quid on anyone in his many years of being a manager.
2) The source is from the Daily Star, known more for it’s sensational headlines and impossibly big span of unnamed sources. Again the one stated in the article is ‘And our source close to Arsenal’s top brass confirmed: “Ribery was on the agenda at a recent board meeting and it could even be a done deal by now. We’re very optimistic.” ‘
3) After Wenger has missed out on signing Ribery, he has since signed Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott, Samir Nasri and of course the hugely impressive Andrei Arshavin, all similar players to Ribery in differing degrees.

Put it simply, Arsenal will never sign Ribery for that kind of money especially with the kind of squad that we have at present. So let’s not get hyped up over this one.

Karim Benzema – This young striker has been on every Championship Manager/Football Manager player’s lips for some time due to his impressive statistics in the games. But I never believe until I have seen it for myself. I have watched several of his games when he was just a teenager for Lyon and I must say I am very impressed with him.

He is both-footed, very direct, can head with an incredible leap, great upper-body strength and height, and his overall pace is not bad for a man of his size. I remembered comparing his style of play to that of Fernando Torres, who is as direct.

I would love to see him at Arsenal, but I am going to rule this out because of the same first reason I stated above. Arsenal won’t spend 30 million pounds on anyone, I really cannot see it and Benzema has stated many times that he prefers the Spanish league. So, gooners you can forget about this one too. Besides, we don’t need him now and even if we sell Adebayor I can’t see Wenger re-investing the money on Benzema. A lesser name like Marouane Chamakh would be much more credible. Incidentally this Moroccan is also linked but I’m not sure he is prolific enough to succeed in England.

3) Serdar Tasci – The VfB Stuttgart defender is the latest name to be linked. To be very honest, I Have not seen him play so I cannot comment on how he will suit Arsenal. What I do know is that at 1.86m, he definitely has some height which some idiots insist Arsenal should get.

I think at this point in time, this area is not of the greatest need and we should look at central midfield urgently See previous post). I have a feeling Wenger knows that too and let’s hope something positive develops in the coming weeks.

As for Tasci, it was reported he is targeted by AC Milan and Juventus but if I’m you, I would take it with a huge pinch of salt.

Tomorrow onwards, I would like to do a run-down on our current players in different batches and how they can contribte in the coming season.


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    You must have viewed it just before I added it in haha…

  3. Looks like your site is new. Welcome to the world of Gooner bloggers! All the best, and hope yours has more success than mine!

    Anyway, a group of us from the Supporter’s Club in S’pore will be shaving our heads on Sunday for charity. Would appreciate any gooners out there leaving a message on our page.
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  4. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Hello goonerpanther! It’s great to see your comment and I’ve visited your website. Mind if I link yours under my ‘other recommended arsenal blogs’ while you link mine too?

    Great cause there! I’ll try to make it down to show my support for a fellow fan! 🙂

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    Thanks buddy, your website has been linked 🙂

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    Wow, then i am reading really new and fresh entry! Will vote now! haha…

  7. Thanks for voting, marcusxabinando! I can guess what you voted for! 😀

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