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The mystery of Emmanuel Adebayor June 30, 2009

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Before I begin today’s post, let me go through some transfer updates:

Felipe Melo seem to be out of our grasp now that he has signed a new contract. *sigh*

Although there is a buy-out clause in his new contract, a player won’t have signed such a contract if he is really keen on leaving, unless there is already a buy-out clause in his original contract, and that it is higher which won’t ake much sense. So, I’d be really surprised (albeit a pleasant one) if he signed for us.

Plus, one of the jokes of this transfer window is recycling an old quote to issue a new story angle. Presenting Andrey Arshavin revealing he’d love to play for Barcelona. A quote taken when he was still at Zenit St Petersburg. Pathetic.

And the last piece of short news of the day is the departure of Amaury Bischoff. I only have two words for this piece of news: Good riddance.

Now to our main topic of the day: the enigmatic Emmanuel Adebayor. Gooners either love or hate him, there seem to be no middle ground on this.

When Adebayor signed for Arsenal in 2006, he joined Arsenal together with Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott. I can remember this vividly because I was at Highbury reading the matchday programme with interviews on all all January signings. At the time like most Gooners, I do not know much about Adebayor but a friend told me his playing style reminds him of Kanu and Wenger described him as “Kanu with pace”, which is certainly high praise.

Adebayor scored on his debut with a header and soon gained popularity not through his prolificacy (he scored 12 goals that season) but through sheer hard work. He was always chasing the ball and was the epitome of defending from the front, something that Henry didn’t do enough towards the end of his Arsenal career and it made them a strange but effective forward partnership. Although it is suffice to say we’d all rather forget the weird dancesteps they both share after a goal.

Adebayor continued to win fans over in season 2007/2008 when he carried on the scoring mantle in the absence of our greatest goalscorer. He scored 30 although he missed many others as well. Fans love him for his tenacity but remain frustrated with his finishing. But he was never a hated figure simply because he worked really hard for the team.

That all changed when AC Milan indicated their interest in signing him. He became erratic and started releasing statements contradicting himself. One thing is for sure, he is a mercenary, which he revealed to a local paper (specifically The New Paper) here. He must have thought admiting his desire to leave for better mony elsewhere in a small paper in a small country will not get him into trouble with his club thousands of miles away. Fact is, since that interview I’ve had my reservations about the man.

Still, when he reported for pre-season training, I as a Gooner stood behind him. Besides, he is an Arsenal player and you can only support him if you’re a fan, instead of jeering at him which will produce more negative than positive. His kissing of the badge at a pre-season friendly was totally unnecessary. Put it this way, if you want to win back the hearts of Gooners, just bloody run your heart out o the field and stick the ball at the back of he net like you have always done and bad memories will be replaced y good ones.

But that never happened after he signed a new much-improved contract soon afterwards. He actually felt he deerved to be paid as well as the great Thierry Henry based on one 30-goal season. Absolutely mad.

Worse thing is, ever since that new contract he never worked as hard as he did before. He was lazy, and his attitute on the field is evident of a man who thinks he had already made it. Maddening to see. Worse was to come when he accused fans of jeering him for other club’s interest in him for which, in his words, ‘has no control’ over. Yet he flirted by saying Milan’s interest in like Beyonce winking to a boy.

Adebayor, let’s face it. If you cannot be as tenacious as before, then you will never fulfill your undoubted potential. Even Zidane worked his socks off in his later years as a professional. And if you already want to move elsewhere, then just go.

My feeling is, he is a good player, but not good enough for us to be disrupted as a club. If he wants to go, we should let him go. Do we need a replacement? I think right now the emphasis should still be on the midfield enforcer and we have enough forwards to fill the role.

Will Adebayor go this summer? My point of view is that he will. What do you think?


3 Responses to “The mystery of Emmanuel Adebayor”

  1. Ben Says:

    Great post! I think you sum it up very well. He may have missed loads when he arrived, but he had a fantastic attitude and work-rate. Then he started believing all the hype and changed. He wanted to be paid like Henry, which he was. He wanted to play like Henry, which he did. Not Thierry’s sensational play, but the dropping back and waiting. Certainly stopped working hard. I hope we get a good price for him and he goes. Chelsea’s 25 mil pounds will do nicely. We should secure all our signings before we sign him though or the prices will go through the roof.

  2. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Thanks Ben! I couldn’t agree more, pal. Let’s hope we get a good price for him so that the team can move forward without his constant flirting and distruption to the squad.

  3. […] for him. True, Adebayor is a very good player and a proven goalscorer. But as I have mentioned in this post, he just isn’t worth the trouble anymore. 25 million will do nicely, and as reports go, […]

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