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Cana Lorik be the answer? July 2, 2009

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Again before we move on to the topic proper, let us first run through quite a bit of Arsenal news that surfaced yesterday (except for the horrible 3rd white kit that I’ve already reported on yesterday).

First, Arsene Wenger explained why he decided to stay at Arsenal instead of opting to manage a galatico-led Real Madrid team.  To be honest, I’ve never doubted Wenger’s commitment to the club and I really cannot see him willing to give up the amount of control he enjoys at Arsenal for a top-management led club like Madrid.

Next we have the infamous Amaury Bischoff, undoubtedly Wenger’s most mysterious signing (and by this I mean taking even Silvestre’s signing into consideration), has revealed the reason why he didn’t sign a contract extension with Arsenal. Seriously, if he were any good, I might have felt upset that this was how he treated us for us taking him in when he was injured and was a huge gamble. The key words being “any good”. I’ve watched him in the reserve games and he was quite simply crap. I’m not even sure he will get into my Sunday team. Seriously, Amuary, don’t bother demanding regular first team football. Not at Arsenal, not at anywhere else too.

Philippe Senderos, whom I recommended to be recalled in my earlier posts, is apparently being wooed by Hertha Berlin and Aston Villa according to ‘reports’ that doesn’t have any quotes from unnamed sources. Does that make it any more realistic? I think not, but I do think Senderos’ future with Arsenal is really over.

To better news, our young Welsh star Aaron Ramsey has signed a new contract. Ramsey is 18, has a great built and a great engine and although he has only seemingly shined against lesser opposition, I have no doubt he has a bright future in the game so this has got to be great news for us. Although of course, once he becomes good we’ll be looking at “Spanish club looking to prise unhappy Arsenal star away” headlines.

Finally, the topic of the day. Since news broke of Felipe Melo signing a new contract at Fiorentina, there are at least 4 other Arsenal blogs and 2 news sites reporting that Arsenal is back in the frame for Lorik Cana. Can it be real?

I’ve mentioned in my earlier post that Lorik Cana is a beast of a midfielder. He has a determined ball-winning mentality and basically gives everything in a challenge. He takes the word ‘battle’ quite literally. However, before you you-tubers think he is the answer to our midfield problems, I need to raise the following points.

I have seen him in action for Albania, and for Marseille in matches. And I think that is a better avenue to judge a player’s ability than an edited video. Case in point is I remember I once saw a very impressive video of Alessandro Pistone, the former Newcastle defender and look at how that one turned out.

Lorik has some weaknesses that had to be ironed out before he should join Arsenal. His postional sense isn’t the best I’ve seen. True, it seemed like he still wins a lot of balls in midfield anyway but that is more due to his huge engine in running all over the place much like a young Steven Gerrard. If he is to play the same way in the Premier League, I fear he will not have as much impact.

Secondly, he is not technically gifted. To look at whether a player has proper technique, you just need to see how he strike a ball with his foot when he passes and when he shoots. He doesn’t pass very well and that may be a disruption to Arsenal’s flowing style of football.

One good thing he does have other than winning the ball (and most of the time the men with it), is his ability to hold onto the ball. But if you are expecting him to be a player that can launch instant counter attacks once he wins the ball then you’re wrong.

Can he fit in at Arsenal? I say we hold our horses even if we do get him in. A player must fit the club and at this point in time, I can’t see it happening. Will he improve when he join Arsenal? At 25, he still has time so I can’t rule that out. But to expect him to have an instant impact would be too much.

Certainly, I won’t mind him joining Arsenal but I’m not into the hype in him now as with a lot of people at present.

What is your feel?


7 Responses to “Cana Lorik be the answer?”

  1. steve Says:

    hmmm… i tink players like aaron ramsey and walcott wun move to clubs overseas… english players tend to stay within their shores and we seldom see english players pursuing their careers overseas…

    the only players in recent times i can recall are steve mcmanaman and owen… but both can be forgiven for wanting out becos they are stupid liverpool players…. they did the right thing by coming to their senses… its abt time Stevie G follow in their footsteps… hahahaha…

    eh… being an everton fan… dun say players like pistone can? but honestly… hes only half decent la… always being outpaced… but what can u expect from a defender who used to play for newcastle? boumsong and coloccini were big players for their clubs before they joined newcastle and look how they turn out… u got to credit pistone for not turning out as incredible as the ever invincible TITANIUS bramble… he’s the reason shay given looks so good can? cant u see his name… “GIVEN”? hes always shouting to bramble… “GIVE IT TO ME~!” and therefore he’s “GIVEN”…

    by the way… not sure if any of u realize… but bramble’s central defensive partner is almost always out injured… boumsong… onyewu or something… who else can u remember? cant remember anybody? maybe they all ended their careers with life threatening injuries…

    as for cana… i hadnt seen him play… but hes got a reputation of being a beast and menace without a lot of skills… this reminds me of a player who used to play in ligue 1 who’s got the almost the same reputation as him and came to the english league…

    sounds familiar? no…? he was dubbed the “next roy keane..” he is ERIC DJEMBA DJEMBA~!!! i just gotta quote dom here… “he’s so good… u gotta name him twice…!”

    Roy Keane my ass…. he’s prolly from the same gene pool as the “Buy-me-no-wrong-El-Hadji-Diouf” (quote by ivan).. so if u ask me if cana is the right man for arsenal… hmmm… yea.. i tink he’s a good buy.. ONLY if sam alladyce is the manager of arsenal football club… which will be the day u switch teams and start supporting spurs… hahahahahaha…

  2. goonerpanther Says:

    Do not much about Lorik Cana, hope we don’t just buy him because no one else is available. I hope if we get him he is worth it and can do the job. That’s basically Arsene’s dillema. Any player that is recognised will have Real, Man U, Chelsea and Man City sniffing around too offering stupid money. So he has to go for those no one knows about and that can be a gamble.

  3. Hey steve, you forgot the most significant English player who plyed his trade overseas and in fact is STILL doing it – David Beckham. Although I know you are just bashing the Liverpulians wahahaha. I think you meant British players in general (Ramsey is Welsh)? I think another big reason is that British players tend to be overpriced, the clubs thinking they have the best league in the world and such. I mean seriously, how can Bentley be worth 15 million pounds and Craig Bellamy be worth 17 million pounds when a much much more talented player like Andrey Arshavin is only 15.8 million pounds? The stupid pricing on British players definitely played a part and David Beckham is able to get himself overseas as he carries a brand with him that supplement quite a bit of his bloated transfer fees.

    And sorry about Pistone, but to be absolutely honest – he IS pretty crappy.

    As for the Djemba-Djemba reference, that was really funny! 😀 But Cana is much better than him, in that he is much more capable of winning challenges than Djemba x 2 ever can. However, you are right that having a player without technical capabilities just isn’t right for Arsenal, especially with Arsene’s Arsenal. But I’d sooner quit football altogether than to support the Sp*ds! And you know that 😉

    Hey goonerpanther, you summed it up best. Arsenal have no choice but to use all of Wenger’s scouting network and expertise to get an experienced player who is yet to be a big name. And indeed we shouldn’t be buying a player simply for the sake of buying.

    Let’s hope Arsene can work his transfer magic once more! 🙂

  4. joe Says:

    How is it I am not really surprised that a Singaporean has better grammar than an Englishman… I struggled reading that scouse/text language comment, although when I did a lot of it made sense.

  5. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Hey Joe, thanks for leaving a comment and a rather flattering one too 🙂

    Well, actually English the educational medium in Singapore so there you go. By the way, steve happens to be a Singaporean too (a personal friend of mine) who is studying in USA! So is goonerpanther, who shouldn’t surprise you because he is a teacher.

    Hope to see more of you here!

    • steve Says:

      damn… now cana is being linked with my beloved everton… I shouldn’t have said so many bad things about him!

  6. Son of a Gunner Says:


    But come to think of it, he definitely suits Everton, a team of grafters, much more than Arsenal, a team of guile.

    I heard Benitez is after him too.

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