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Poll Results July 12, 2009

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I have been sick most of the past week, in fact I’m still sounding very much like Dr. Love, so there are only 2 poll results to share with this week.  Let us begin.

First poll: Should we let Eboue go in order to get Melo in?
Yes, of course! – 60%
No, we should just activate the release clause and keep Eboue. – 30%
No, we should not sign Felipe Melo. – 10%

The majority of Gooners are keen to bring Melo in but as we know from the past few days, Melo is very close to signing for Juventus instead and it will most likely be announced on Monday. This has got to be classified as a major disappointment as this must have been Arsenal’s biggest and most important target all summer. Wenger once said “There is always enough good players to sign” and let’s hope he is right again. But as my Gooner friend Ben said, it’s not wise to sign someone just for the sake of it and St Etienne midfielder Blaise Matuidi just does not possess the necessary experience in top class football to ge me excited.

Second poll: Who do you think will be Arsenal Player of the Season?
Manuel Almunia – 50%
Robin van Persie – 50%

Denilson – 0%

Opinions are split between our top goalkeeper and our top goalscorer. The results will be out on Arsenal’s official website in a matter of hours and I still feel our flying Dutchman will be the winner of the poll. 20 goals in 44 appearances warrants that.


2 Responses to “Poll Results”

  1. goonerpanther Says:

    I see I got a mention on your blog! Cheers.

  2. Indeed I did mention you for your insights 🙂


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