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Poll Results July 19, 2009

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First poll – Will Arsenal sign any more players in the summer?
Yes, I believe we will. – 50%
Yes, I feel we should. – 50%

No, we are good enough to challenge. – 0%
No, we are always never going to sign anyone else after Vermaelen. – 0%

Gooners like myself are expecting more new arrivals but with Wenger admitting that Arsenal is “not very close to bringing anybody else”, I am beginning to fear the worse. I really hope we bring in the fabled experienced midfield battler to partner Cesc. The one thing that is making all Gooners so frustrated is that we all know Arsenal is only one or two signings away from being a top top European power. It would be a real waste if we do not bring those signings in.

Second poll – Are you interested in Arsenal’s youth players?
Yes, of course! They are the club’s future and key to the new 4+4 ruling. – 100%
No, I don’t care about them at all. We should buy our way to success. – 0%

I’m happy to know that Gooners are still interested in the academy side and the youth team players. They are vital to the club’s future and I hope to see more “Jake Wilsheres” coming through.

Third poll – Is it right for Manuel Almunia to represent England at international level?
Yes, he is better than all the current English goalkeepers. – 63%
No, it is downright wrong! – 37%

The majority thinks Almunia should represent England and I feel the same. But it really remains to be seen if that will ever happen. The FA may impose real pressure on Capello never to do that. In any case, as long as it does not affect his performances for Arsenal, I really am not that concerned.

Fourth poll – Does Lukasz Fabianski has a future with Arsenal?
No, he is terrible and should be replaced. – 100%
Yes, he has huge potential to be the future number one. – 0%

Sadly, most Gooners still have no faith in Fabianski despite my article. I feel we should give him more time to grow, good goalkeepers are not easy to find these days.


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