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Interesting hack July 29, 2009

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Is Daniel de Rossi our new number 13?

Is Daniel de Rossi our new number 13?

Well, no. Daniel de Rossi did not join Arsenal and I would be extremely surprised if we managed to get him. There seemed to be some hacker who hacked into the official website for a short period of time and put de Rossi as an Arsenal player on the official website. But kuddos to the webmaster to correct it early as it didn’t last long enough to cause a much more wild reaction. If you pay attention to the picture above, a screenshot that was taken by another blogger who reacted quick enough in that short span of time it was up, you can see a picture of Henri Lansbury was used.

I understand following the departure of Ademoneyor and the imminet departure of Kolo Toure, there is a lot of pressure on Wenger to spend the money earned and with big names quickly running out of fashion, a new name has to be thought of by the day. The frenzy finally caught up with the above reaction.

As I mentioned yesterday, it pains me greatly to see Toure leave. Other than the fact he is our last Invincible, he was a player who never showed a lack of commitment on the field. Not one second. But if he were to leave, be prepared that Arsenal would not be spending to get a replacement. If any spending is to be done, it would be in midfield and not anyone to replace either Moneybayor or Toure. Now, the fear is even that may not happen.

One canonly hope. But if our utility man Eboue is to join them in departing then I would really think we are short on numbers. And this cannot be supplemented by youth players, as promising as they are. They are just not ready.

But there really is nothing we fans can do but hope for the best. When I first became a Gooner, there was a huge gap in between our titles from 1991-1998. In those years, I was just happy to get double wins over Spurs and to be higher in the league than them. Occaionally getting into Europe would be nice. A domestic cup here and there would be a surprise.

When Wenger came, he changed Arsenal’s fortunes forever. To use one of Wenger’s own quotes “You can be a victim of your own success”. Wenger is now a victim of his own success. Before him, success were mediocre at best. So why shouldn’t REAL Gooners be giving him the chance to make things right?

Let’s get behind our main man. We as fans can only trust our manager to bring us the success the club craves. I believe he wants it as much as any of us.

Tonight, we will have the last friendly at Austria against Hannover 96. I will be picking out the interesting bits again tomorrow to get more of an idea of how our team will shape up next season.

Stay positive!


4 Responses to “Interesting hack”

  1. steve Says:

    hey, now that toure has left… how do u think the morale in the team would be like?

    Players in the team has seen so many departures over the years, I am sure they (as individuals) will somehow feel downhearted somehow.

    I mean if u look at any other teams, their philosophy is to strengthen by bringing another fresh player that excites the team, but somehow i feel that wenger is bringing in players to have a continuity in the team.

    Do you think the team will suffers from a lack of freshness over the years? Promoting the youngsters means people like fabregas has played alongside people like walcott has played with gibbs and wilshere for many years. The excitement of playing alongside these players is gone?

    I feel my Everton is guilty of it sometimes too, but i am happy they can at least maintain the same squad and produce consistency with the resources we have.

    But i want to know what do you think?

    Also, i m curious about your views on Christopher Wreh. I remember him fondly playing alongside anelka/bergkamp when they won the double? I thought he was quite a decent player, but i dunno what happened to him.

    Do u think he was a success? If not… why?

  2. Firstly, I want to clarify your proposition of Arsenal being in low morale after Toure’s move, that is simply what the media would want us to believe. Fans of other clubs would be glad to believe that too, seeing Arsenal as the weak one of the top 4. But I beg to differ and with good reason, which I will not do here in the comment box but in my next post.

    As for Chris Wreh, the cousin of the enormously famous George Weah, I won’t even use the word half-decent on him. He doesn’t even have 1% of the skill George had in one left toe (I remember George Weah scoring a memorable mid-air toe-poke for AC Milan, out of this world) and I’m pretty sure Wreh at his peak can’t even get past the current Silvestre, nor outpace him. He was clumsy and clumbersome, heavy with a pathetic jump. The only thing I remember him being relatively decent at is holding the ball, and he isn’t even a midfielder.

    He probably appeared decent because he scored vital goals in important games which won us important points but a case in point is that those games are against quite poor opposition. He never scored against a big side in the league – heck he didn’t even score against Newcastle! And he was playing in what was arguably one of the finest sides in Wenger’s era with Bergkamp at his peak. 3 league goals in 28 appearances reminds one of Akinbiyi instead of an Anelka.

    The last I remember of him is he went on several loan spells and he then left for the Middle East. Where he is now is beyond me.

    Thanks for giving me a topic to write on, I will elaborate on my own views, subjective and objective, with regards to your question on morale, frequent changing of personnel and squad stability in my next post.

    Thanks for reading! 😀

  3. steve Says:

    Hw only scored 3 goals? oh my… i remembered him scoring vital goals…

    Maybe because tat year was the first year i ever watched soccer ( i cant really remember when i started watching soccer… but my first live game was an arsenal match in highbury cant rem who were they playing against tho…), tats y he left an impression…

    Maybe one day u could write a post on players who in the team but are not good enough for gunners… I remember one defender (from switzerland or something) who was quite terrible, think he left for grasshoppers fc or something.

    Another one would b the portugese guy last season… I would b interested to know who else would u regard as not good enough… heheh…

  4. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Good idea! I was planning on starting monthly posts on different topics. Now you raised this, I will create one of the topics as former players who didn’t quite make the grade.

    Were you talking about Igors Stephanovs? He was from Latvia, and can you believe he is an experienced international! I will never be able to forgive nor forget his horrendous performance against Man United in that forgettable defeat. He was useless against Dwight Yorke.

    Oh yes, Amaury Bischoff is certainly going to be one of them. My fingers are getting itchy just thinking about what I can write hahaha! 😀

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