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Poll Results August 23, 2009

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Hello everyone! I’m finally back from Bangkok from a 4-day holiday and I’m absolutely delighted with yet another impressive Arsenal win over the weekend. Match analysis and thoughts to follow probably tomorrow as I have hardly slept throughout my holiday.

On to the poll results of the past week we go!

First poll – Who is your Man-of-the-Match for Everton vs Arsenal?
Cesc Fabregas 88%
Alex Song 12%

I think the results to this poll is not surprising in the least bit. Cesc Fabregas was absolutely majestic in the centre of the park and weighed in with both goals and assists and simply dominated the midfield. Alex Song also did a quietly efficient job alongside Cesc and Denilson. However, I must say it is a bit surprising that we did not receive a single vte for Thomas Vermaelen, whom I thought was one of the stars of our opening game. He will have plenty of chances to win his first Man-of-the-Match award though, and if he continues to play like he isdoing especially against the big boys, then that day will be sooner rather than later.

Second poll – Do you think Arsenal need to keep a clean sheet in the 2nd-leg against Celtic to progress?
No, Arsenal will win both legs convincingly. 100%
Yes, Celtic will not lose at home. 0%

There seems to be a lot of confidence in a smooth and untroubling progress into the Champions League proper, but I can’t help but feel this new-found confidence is due to Arsenal’s impressive start to the season. Following the first leg, this optimism looks to be a correct one.

Third poll – Should Arsenal sit back for a draw or go for the win in the 2nd-leg against Celtic?
Arsenal should end the tie early by going for goals. 100%
Arsenal should save energy and sit back for a draw to progress. 0%

I think Arsenal won’t sit back, especially whe we are playing at home. However, there were a couple of instances that this current Arsenal side did seem a bit cautious in our ply following a first-leg win last season. I still feel with all the confidence in the team, they will go for the kill early in the game. Depending on whether we will score in the first half, the second half might be a dour affair though.

Fourth poll – What is your prediction of Arsenal vs Portsmouth?
A good resounding home win for Arsenal. 100%
A draw. 0%
It will be a unexpected away win for Portsmouth. 0%

Not surprising considering Portsmouth is now weaker than last season and their better players are in fact aging and becoming less effective with every game. And the results proved to be accurate!

Match analysis to follow.


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