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Poll Results September 7, 2009

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A really hectic week for me so only one poll this week:

Poll of the week – Who is the man-of-the-match in Man Utd vs Arsenal?
Mike Dean 56%
Andrey Arshavin 33%
William Gallas 11%

I put in Mike Dean’s name with my tongue firmly in cheek, but it seems that Gooners agree with my report on Dean’s horrible game that played an influence on the game’s result. Seriously, we should ditch him for top-level games or it will be ruined by useless people like that. I understand referees have a toug job, but do not give me that for Dean’s performance that night, because even the blind can see he was afraid to make major decisions against the home side. How a referee like that is even in the game is beyond me. But then again, maybe it isn’t because of the stupid decisions that UEFA and FIFA have made this week.

Just when we thought th Eduardo’s ban was a real disgrace to the game due to too many factors to mention, FIFA went one better to penalise Chelsea for pouching a youngster, which many other clubs like Spanish clubs have done, but were never punished. I will talk more about this the following week when I get the time.

Real hectic time at work, which is real shit because I have no intention to stay anymore, as I am preparing for a business trip to Las Vegas this coming Sunday. Once I’m there I would be forced to break from this blog as well as football in general as there are hardly any football news in USA, and that includes MLS. I’m lucky enough to be able to catch the game against City before I fly though.

Till then…


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