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Match Preview: Man City vs Arsenal September 12, 2009

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So we are finally back to Premier League action after more than a week’s internationals. I’m aware I’m writing the preview less than 2 hours before kick-off, as I have been busy the whole day packing for my one-week business trip to Las Vegas.

I’m lucky to be able to catch tonight’s game before my flight early tomorrow morning so let’s get right to it.

1 – Gunners impressive over international week.
Bendtner scored, Eduardo scored, Van Persie scored, Fabregas scored, Arshavin put in an assist and so did Ramsey. THe only bad news to come out of this is Arshavin’s injury. While all Gooners including myself are mystified by the decision to play in Russia’s midweek game against Wales, Hiddink mentioned it was Arshavin’s own decision to play. He will miss the next three games beginning tonight’s big match against City.

As frustrating as his injury may be, for we know he will scored his first hat-trick and create another 3 goals for a comfortable 6-0 win if he played tonight, we can see the other players putting in good performances for their respective nations, so hopefully they will be able to carry their form over to the league. International weeks have been notoriously bad for us in terms of injuries so to get one injury to Arshavin is what must be considered as good news to us.

I was really pleased with Eduardo’s goal, as he has had a really difficult week. Much has been said about his 2-match ban, including my previous post, so let’s hope he continues what he does best for Arsenal, that is scoring, not dving.

Ramsey also impressed me greatly playing for Wales. I thought he had a really good game and he seemed to be thriving on confidence at the moment. We need him to stand up and be counted if we were to have a good season.

2 – Man City will return with 2 ex-Gunners, led out by one of them.
To be honest, I didn’t think Toure would get the nod ahead of Gareth Barry for the skipper’s role at City. Even when Toure led out Arsenal during his time here in the absence of our official skipper, he didn’t really impressed as a leader. The reasoning to put him as skipper is understandable though, for he is an experienced player in the top flight.

City has won 3 straight games and already the media are making them out to be big contenders for the league. I think that is really premature analysis. Looking at the opponents they have met in the league so far, it is not that impressive to record 3 wins. Besides, they have only scored a grand total of 4 goal so far, with Moneybayor scoring 3 of them. They have kept 3 clean sheets, but the opponents they have met are not exactly known for their offensive prowess.

To put it bluntly, for all their spending and big names in every position, they have not impressed me yet.

3 – Putting my neck out for my beloved Arsenal
Therefore, I firmly believe we will get back to winning ways against Manchester City with a good win. I’m not sue if we can prevent them from scoring but I believe it will be a win for Arsenal at the end. A shut-out for Moneybayor would be perfect even if we cannot keep a clean sheet.

Moneybayor has not played competitively against Vermaelen and I have a feeling we will see a good kicking from our latest signing to our former player.

Go Gunners!

P.S. I hope to be able to write a review article when I’m in the States. If not, see you all in 2 weeks’ time!


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