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I’m back! September 26, 2009

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If you think this blog is dead, you’re dead wrong.

I came back from Las Vegas not too long ago for a business trip and had been real busy. Many things have happened since my last post, the dreadful loss to City, the comeback win against supposed minnows in the Champions League qualifier and of course the convincing win over Wigan. I only managed to catch the City game before I departed for Vegas. I missed the other 2 games, with me still up in the air during the game.

Right, to the City loss. I thought we actually started well and settled into the game earlier than City. Then we conceded a goal and all hell broke loose. We started to lose possesion in midfield and then Fabregas looked a poor shadow of his impressive start to the season.

The midfield wasn’t at ease, Song fouling more than usual and to be honest, we didn’t look like coming back into the game for quite a long period. The Van Persie goal was a boost, and it was significant as it shows what he can do centrally when a lot of Gooners, myself included, feel Bendtner might do a more effective job there.

Of course, to complete the nightmare, some ingrate had to score and celebrate in front of Gooners. I swear I would have given him a stamp on his face much like the one he gave Van Persie if I were to ever see him. Never has a former Gunner been so hated by Gooners (since Ashley Cole, and I must say he has even overtaken Cole’s place) and he just keep harping on his former club. Leave us be you ingrate. We don’t talk about you anymore because you are past tense so let’s keep it that way. Even our great Heny had blasted him for being disrespectful. And notice I made not one single mention of his name here.

The loss was deflating and it was always interesting to see how the team reacts after a deflating loss. It almost followed with a worse and more embarassing loss but we came through that. I didn’t catch the game so it would not be fair for me to rate the performance. Ditto for the Wigan game.

Let’s put things into perspective now. We have 2 losses, both to Manchester sides, both away games. Out home record is still perfect. Despite the losses, we scored the most goals in the Premier League to-date, and that includes those who had played more than us. Not too shabby. But we must keep up the home form and start beating some bigger teams to instill more confidence.

As for the latest game that was against West Brom, it was always about the youngsters and the best and most prompt match analysis will always be from Young Guns. It was a good win with many youngsters on show. With regards to the little bust-up between Jack Wilshere and Jerome Thomas, who was a product of the Arsenal youth academy, I’m quite peeved about what Di Matteo said about our prodigious talent. He claimed Wilshere said something insulting to Thomas causing him to react. Well, to Di Matteo and to Thomas, I’m going to say to you: Grow up and stop being a sore loser.

There are many times when I was playing Sunday league football when I get kicked a lot (I’m a striker) and sometimes like Wilshere I will refuse a shake of the hand because you can tell if someone is sincere or not. As a Gooner, I’m going to defend Wilshere and think Thomas is too sore knowing he didn’t make it at Arsenal and was always going to be second best to a very young Arsenal side. End of story.

As to the crazy mass media coverage and over-reaction from Cesc’s lack of celebrations following his goal against Wigan, I think it is so NOTHING. There are many times when I score in anger after being kicked one time too many and refuse to celebrate, besides, what better way to take revenge than to score a goal against the same villians? So let’s not get too wild about this and stat believing stories about him wanting to leave.

That’s that for now. Next post, I’ll talk about the Fulham game, a massive game as Fulham is much stronger than the opposition we have defeated to-date.


2 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. steve Says:

    waddaya tink of the ever increasing injury list? now denilson’s gonna b out for 2 months… it never seem to end… does it?

  2. Yes, I’ve mentioned about the seemingly mysterious injuries plague that faces Arsenal every season before. We need to re-look at the training regime at the club as well as the general fitness and well-being of the players to determine what exactly is behind all these.

    Certain injuries cannot be avoided, like a bad tackle in a game. But if injuries start occuring in trainings then there could be an internal problem that requires urgent tinkering. It is something that has gone on too often. Just like when Graeme Souness was in charge of Newcastle, they seem to suffer an injury every week. There was a time when they had only 8 fit first-teamers!

    While I’m not blaming this on Wenger nor his team of coaches, I think they should look into each case of injury closely and find out exactly what happened instead of dismissing it as another injury.

    Also, when we didn’t sign any new players over the summer other than Vermaelen, we’re always going to take a big risk and leave ourselves exposed when an injury occurs. And I believe Wenger knows this more than anyone.

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