Son of a Gun!

Musings on Arsenal Football Club by a Singaporean Gooner (Gooner since 1988)

About the Son of a Gunner June 20, 2009

In season 1988/1989 of the then English Division One, Arsenal led the table most of the season in an era dominated by Liverpool. In the last third of the season, they slipped out of the lead and Liverpool led once more. In the last game of that season, Arsenal needed to win by two clear goals at Anfield in order to win the title. With a smug Liverpool fan as a brother, things were getting really intense at home. And when Michael Thomas scored the decisive second goal, history was made. And a lifelong Arsenal fan was born. This is his blog, about his favorite football club. He is the Son of a Gunner.


4 Responses to “About the Son of a Gunner”

  1. Sounds like my story, only no smug “mugsmashing” brother! Keep up the good work!

  2. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Thanks, goonerpanther!

    Having a mugsmasher at home can be both irritating and pleasurable at the same time (especially when we whipped them lol)…

  3. freekicker Says:

    Well I was not watching football that early…I started with the ’90 World cup…but have seen the video of the match that you were talking abt…where Steve Mcmahon asks his team mates to cool it after conceding the first goal 🙂 …must have been some moment… Wish we have such luck this season…nice intro bro
    ~Go Gunners

  4. Son of a Gunner Says:

    Thanks Freekicker!

    You didn’t start too late after me either 😉
    I also remembered fondly of Italia ’90.

    Yes, it was the best game ever and my brother refused to talk to me for a week afterwards 😀

    Let’s hope we can get another memorable title win this season, like you said!

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