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Poll Results September 7, 2009

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A really hectic week for me so only one poll this week:

Poll of the week – Who is the man-of-the-match in Man Utd vs Arsenal?
Mike Dean 56%
Andrey Arshavin 33%
William Gallas 11%

I put in Mike Dean’s name with my tongue firmly in cheek, but it seems that Gooners agree with my report on Dean’s horrible game that played an influence on the game’s result. Seriously, we should ditch him for top-level games or it will be ruined by useless people like that. I understand referees have a toug job, but do not give me that for Dean’s performance that night, because even the blind can see he was afraid to make major decisions against the home side. How a referee like that is even in the game is beyond me. But then again, maybe it isn’t because of the stupid decisions that UEFA and FIFA have made this week.

Just when we thought th Eduardo’s ban was a real disgrace to the game due to too many factors to mention, FIFA went one better to penalise Chelsea for pouching a youngster, which many other clubs like Spanish clubs have done, but were never punished. I will talk more about this the following week when I get the time.

Real hectic time at work, which is real shit because I have no intention to stay anymore, as I am preparing for a business trip to Las Vegas this coming Sunday. Once I’m there I would be forced to break from this blog as well as football in general as there are hardly any football news in USA, and that includes MLS. I’m lucky enough to be able to catch the game against City before I fly though.

Till then…


Poll Results August 30, 2009

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First poll – Who is your Man-of-the-Match for Arsenal vs Portsmouth?
Abou Diaby 67%
William Gallas 17%
Eduardo 17%

The above results are somewhat expected with Diaby having stole the show in the first half, almost rendering the game redundant. Diaby has thrived in the new formation and I maintain he did well yesterday against United as well but was hugely unfortunate with the own goal. Let’s hope that won’t get him down for long.

Second poll – If you were Arsene Wenger, which of the below players would you most want to sign for Arsenal?
Patrick Vieira 33%
Brede Hangeland 33%

Marouane Chamakh 22%
Blaise Matuidi 11%

Looks like from the above results, Gooners know where our major weakness lies – in defence. There is a tie between Vieira and Hangeland. Chamakh would be useful given how unfortunate we are with attacking players and injuries, but not essential. I saw Vieira in the Milan derby and I thought he looked pretty decent. Will we get anyone? Expect more news tomorrow.

Third poll – What is your prediction of Manchester United vs Arsenal?
A close draw. 100%
A Manchester United home win. 0%
An Arsenal away win. 0%

If this poll was conducted in pre-season, it would have been very different. People would have written Arsenal off in a heartbeat. But having a result like this means people are finally taking Arsenal seriously, and that is no thanks to our encouraging performances so far, including last night’s defeat.


Poll Results August 23, 2009

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Hello everyone! I’m finally back from Bangkok from a 4-day holiday and I’m absolutely delighted with yet another impressive Arsenal win over the weekend. Match analysis and thoughts to follow probably tomorrow as I have hardly slept throughout my holiday.

On to the poll results of the past week we go!

First poll – Who is your Man-of-the-Match for Everton vs Arsenal?
Cesc Fabregas 88%
Alex Song 12%

I think the results to this poll is not surprising in the least bit. Cesc Fabregas was absolutely majestic in the centre of the park and weighed in with both goals and assists and simply dominated the midfield. Alex Song also did a quietly efficient job alongside Cesc and Denilson. However, I must say it is a bit surprising that we did not receive a single vte for Thomas Vermaelen, whom I thought was one of the stars of our opening game. He will have plenty of chances to win his first Man-of-the-Match award though, and if he continues to play like he isdoing especially against the big boys, then that day will be sooner rather than later.

Second poll – Do you think Arsenal need to keep a clean sheet in the 2nd-leg against Celtic to progress?
No, Arsenal will win both legs convincingly. 100%
Yes, Celtic will not lose at home. 0%

There seems to be a lot of confidence in a smooth and untroubling progress into the Champions League proper, but I can’t help but feel this new-found confidence is due to Arsenal’s impressive start to the season. Following the first leg, this optimism looks to be a correct one.

Third poll – Should Arsenal sit back for a draw or go for the win in the 2nd-leg against Celtic?
Arsenal should end the tie early by going for goals. 100%
Arsenal should save energy and sit back for a draw to progress. 0%

I think Arsenal won’t sit back, especially whe we are playing at home. However, there were a couple of instances that this current Arsenal side did seem a bit cautious in our ply following a first-leg win last season. I still feel with all the confidence in the team, they will go for the kill early in the game. Depending on whether we will score in the first half, the second half might be a dour affair though.

Fourth poll – What is your prediction of Arsenal vs Portsmouth?
A good resounding home win for Arsenal. 100%
A draw. 0%
It will be a unexpected away win for Portsmouth. 0%

Not surprising considering Portsmouth is now weaker than last season and their better players are in fact aging and becoming less effective with every game. And the results proved to be accurate!

Match analysis to follow.


Poll Results August 16, 2009

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First poll – Will Celtic crush Arsenal’s CL hopes in the qualifiers?
No, Arsenal’s superior quality will shine through in the end. 83%
Yes, they have nothing to lose and play better against English opposition. 17%

I think the results of this poll is expected and that most Gooners are confident of doing well against Celtic. They are already without their most influential player last season in Shunsuke Nakamura and surely we have too much in our tank to get into the main Champions League draw.

Second poll – Who would be your choice to fill the starting midfield alongside Cesc and Song?
Abou Diaby 25%
Denilson 25%
Aaron Ramsey 25%
Samir Nasri 25%

I must say I am quite surprised that no one voted for Jack Wilshere given the hype that was heaped on him in pre-season. This is pleasing to know as it means Gooners also agree that we shouldn’t burden him and thus stop his development. Denilson has got to be the natural choice for now as he played the most last season and has a really strong engine. Ramsey has certainly played his way into contention in pre-season and Nasri and Diaby are both highly regarded by Wenger.


Poll Results August 9, 2009

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So the biggest news from the past week is that we have drawn Celtic for the Champions League qualifying draw, losing our final pre-season friendly to Valencia and finally losing Rosicky to injury… again. I’ll be commenting more on the above when I get better. I really cannot recall the last time I fell sick twice in a fortnight, but my long weekend (national day holiday) seemed burnt due to this.

Anyway, poll results of the past week:

First poll – Do you think Arsenal need to replace Senderos?
Yes, we are short on numbers and quality in defence. 100%
No, we have enough quality back-up defenders. 0%

I think it is pretty obvious that shold we lose Senderos then we are a little short in quality if not quantity in defence. I can’t have emphasized this fact enough throughout my young blog. Djourou, Gallas and Vermaelen are our top defenders and Silvestre is unreliable at best and Song has not really shown he is a real defender. He is more of a midfielder than a defender. In any case, if we were to use Song in defence then who will take the holding midfield role if no one else is coming in? Wenger must have seen this problem too, admitting recently that he is looking to bring in a defensive player and an attacking player. However, it remains to be seen if the defensive player he is referring to is a defender or a defensive midfielder. However, Senderos is still officially an Arsenal player and the Swiss FA simply jumped the gun in comfirming his move to Everton. Although the chances are slim, I hope he will stay.

Second poll – Do you think Arsenal should get Vieira to return?
No, he is way past his best and makes no economic sense. 60%
Yes, we need a player of his stature and experience. 40%

I have stated in one of my previous polls on why I think Vieira won’t return to Arsenal and Wenger seemed to have ruled out this move recently as well. I feel if money should be spent, then it would be better to spend it wisely somewhere else. He might have been a sensible signing but he won’t have settled for a diminished role at the club. I still hope to see a genuine midfield enforcer signed before this transfer window closes.

Third poll – Which of the following Arsenal players will be most significant when they return?
Theo Walcott 89%
Samir Nasri 11%
Abou Diaby 0%
Lukasz Fabianski 0%
Carlos Vela 0%
Kieran Gibbs 0%

I’m quite surprised with this results as I thought Samir Nasri would have brought the biggest impact upon his return. But Theo Walcott has been improving vastly since 2 seasons ago and the new formation would suit an offensive and direct player like himself. I can’t wait to see him match fit but with the new formation, I’m not even sure if he will even make the first team as often as last season as the first choice attacking trio seemed to be Van Persie, Arshavin and Bendtner. We shall see.

Next, I have missed the friendly game against Valencia (due to sickness, see above) but I can still pick up interesting bits from the match report. I will comment on it with the other big news like the Celtic draw tomorrow.


Poll Results August 2, 2009

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First poll – Who will be your first choice leftback if Clichy was unavailable?
Kieran Gibbs 75%
William Gallas 25%
Armand Traore 0%
Mikael Silvestre 0%

I am extremely surprised that no one voted for Armand Traore and even Gallas was preferred over Traore. This could be due to Traore being deployed mainl as a winger during last season’s spell at Portsmouth and Gooners probably have forgotten he is a specialised leftback at the club. He has certily impressed in pre-season in the absence of both Clichy and Gibbs. He looks much stronger physically than our first two choices and his positioning seemed more disciplined in pre-season. We might be seeing more of him this coming season.

Second poll – Should Arsenal keep Kolo Toure?
No, his head is turned and his best is past him. 80%
Yes, he has his best years in front of him. 20%

This is proof that Gooners are sensible fans, even though it hurts us deeply to see Toure leave, we trust Wenger to have made the best choice for both club and player. I would say this once more: Thank you, Kolo. Best wishes.

Third poll – Should Adebayor and Toure be replaced?
Yes, we will be weaker without proper replacements. 100%
No, this are not our problem areas. 0%

I am somewhat surprised with the results for this poll, although this is the general consensus in the media. But the media would not know about the strengths of the club as well as the manager. If fans have been following pre-season, they will know the new formation suits the current squad of players and maximises their playing potential. Our weaknesses are not in defence not attack, but more of the physical fight in the centre of the pitch which is countered currently by playing the Barca way of having technically adept players playing the opposition to death. Yes, we might need one more signing but it sure isn’t to replace either Adebayor nor Toure.

Fourth poll – Are you worried about Man City’s threat to Arsenal?
Yes, they are a better team now. 100%
No, they are still far apart in terms of play and quality. 0%

Let’s face reality, there is no doubt there is quality in the many new signings at Man City. But I feel we are still above them in terms of quality. City has always had good individual players but they have not been utilised to the best of their potential and this could well be due to their overrated manager Hughes. I do not think they are a threat to Arsenal, and I’m saying that not just with my heart, but also with my head.

Fifth poll – Do you think Arsenal will win the Emirates Cup?
Yes, we will score the most goals. 100%
No, we are not match-fit enough. 0%

Emirates Cup follows the rules and regulations of the Amsterdam tournament, which ecourages attacking football. Every goal scored is a point gained in a league format, on top of the usual 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw, meaning one can still win points even if it lost. Judging from last night’s impressive win against one of Spain’s top sides Atletico Madrid which boasts players the likes of Sergio Agüero, Simao Sabrosa, Maxi Rodriguez, Florent Sinama-Pongolle, Diego Forlan and Jose Reyes, Arsenal is currently top of the table with 5 points and a win tonight against Rangers might see the above poll results be proven right.

Match analysis in the next post!


Poll Results + Happy birthday Gael! July 26, 2009

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I would like to wish Gael Clichy, our majestic leftback, many happy returns on his 24th birthday today. I wrote about how we are fortunate to have him in our ranks, being one of the finest leftbacks in the whole of Europe and he is still only 24! Here’s wishing an injury-free and successful season ahead for you, Gael!

Right, let’s move on to the poll results of the past week. I will leave yesterday’s poll till next Sunday because there isn’t enough time to gather eough votes on that.

First poll – Do you think Tomas Rosicky will have a large role to play next season?
Yes, we have missed him badly. 80%
No, he will never be the same again. 20%

Indeed, we have missed Rosicky’s presence badly. Who knows how many more points we would have gathered if he was around last season? But then again, if he was injury-free, we might not have gotten Arshavin. Nevertheless, I’m sure all Gooners are waiting in great anticipation in watching him again next season. Together with our other creative players with flair like Arshavin, Vela, Nasri and Fabregas, it is a mouth-watering prospect.

Second poll – Who is your first-choice replacement for Sagna if he is injured?
Emmanuel Eboue 75%
Kerrea Gilbert 13%
Gavin Hoyte 13%

With no impending arrivals, I genuinely hope Eboue will stay next season. He isan excellent utility man to have within the squad. He can play in a variety of positions and although he frustrate us with his unsporting antics, there is little arguing that he is still the most reliable rightback after Sagna in the squad. Gilbert has a lot of promise but his lack of progres the past two years will count against him and Gavin Hoyte’s best position remain in central defence. Toure can do a decent job here but I see no long-term future for him in this position. However, my fear is that Wenger might think with new defender Vermaelen in the squad, Toure could be converted into a backup rightback and release Eboue. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, especially when no one else seem to be arrivng.

Third poll – Would you like to see Hleb back at Arsenal?
No, we don’t need him anymore! 100%
Yes, we can do with a midfielder like him. 0% (0 votes)

The view is unanimous among all Gooners. When Hleb left, I have mentioned in my previous posts that I was angry and upset. But the arrival of Nasri who has more end-product and is arguably a better all-round player with more steel has softened that blow. THe arrival of Arshavin and the return of Rosicky ha completely erased Hleb from memory. Arsenal defninitely got the better end of the Hleb deal. No doubt.

Fourth poll – Do you think Arsenal will be able to cope with Nasri’s absence?
Yes, we have enough quality players. 100%
No, we need to buy! 0%

As mentioned, we have more than enough capable players who can fill in for Nasri until his return. And his absence will not be as long as most of our rivals would wish. However, we still pray for a speedy recovery for Nasri!