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Page update July 26, 2009

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I understand from some readers that one of my pages (top bar), “Baptism of Son of the Gunner” has trouble displaying the pictures I took in Highbury.

I have uploaded the pictures again and I’m sure I have fixed the problem this time round.  All pictures are my own original pictures and the guy wrapped tightly in an Arsenal jersey and Arsenal scarf is me in 2006, I’ve put on quite a few pounds since though haha.

You may check out the fixed page by clicking on the link at the top bar of this page or simply click on this link.



Interesting Youth Links July 13, 2009

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I have been reading updates from two good blogs focused on Arsenal academy and reserve teams.

Young Guns, maintained and written by J. Sanderson, is the first of its kind I believe. He brings news that cannot be found easily anywhere else because he watches the games himself and delivers his own verdict. From his blog, I get to keep up-to-date on Arsenal’s stars of the future.

The other youth blog that is worth a mention is Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth. It has a very nice template and is nicely maintained.

I have added both site links to my sidebar. Have fun!